The Springs at Crystal Lake
Rehabilitation Center

The Springs at Crystal Lake Rehabilitation Center offers the best of both worlds – quality care provided in a professional, yet home-like atmosphere.

Our 97-bed sub-acute facility specializes in short-term rehabilitation services and clinically complex medical care.  Whether your stay is to recover from a recent hospitalization, surgery, an illness or injury, The Springs at Crystal Lake Rehabilitation Center’s interdisciplinary team of physicians, therapists, licensed professional nurses, social workers, therapeutic recreational therapists and dietary staff provides comprehensive services to enhance maximal recovery and independence.

Springs Amenities

We include private rooms complete with flat screen TV, free satellite television service with daily feature film channel, new state-of-the-art electric beds and wireless internet (WiFi) capabilities in individual rooms. Other amenities include complimentary computers with e-mail access, telephone accessibility, restaurant-style fine dining with menu choices, additional lounge areas for conversation or relaxation, and a hair salon.


Rehabilitation means reshaping lives and restoring lost abilities to maintain a healthy quality of life.  Our rehabilitation services include Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.  The philosophy of our therapy team is to provide clinically-driven care focused on patient outcomes and to deliver the appropriate intensity and duration of services based on patient need to include:

Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists are available to work with the residents one on one to reduce pain and improve strength, balance, mobility and endurance. Therapists ceoncentrate on returning residents safely and confidently to every day activities and a more independent way of life.

Occupational Therapy

Residents learn how to increase their independence with everyday tasks like dressing and bathing. Fundamental safety is stressed as therapists find ways to steer residents toward a more careful approach to independent daily living.

Speech Therapy

Human Language is a shared experience, one that binds us all together. Our therapists help residents improve language skills, comprehension, oral motor skills and swallowing abilities. The Springs Rehab center also offers specialized VitalStim Therapy, a treatment allowing residents to recover from swallowing difficulties.

Wound Care

An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation specialists oversee the treatment and prevention of wounds. By assessing each residents progress and utilizing special programs, our goal is to keep wounds from interfering with the quality of life for our residents.

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Joint Replacement

Treating residents who have undergone cardiac surgery requires an integrated rehabilitative program. Licensed nurses coordinate the efforts of surgeons, therapists, and care managers to restore our residents to their highest level of independence.

  • Comprehensive assessment & evaluation of patient abilities and limitations
  • Development of personalized treatment plans
  • Full rehab scope from brief intervention to intensive, daily multi-disciplinary care
  • Services provided up to 7 days per week
  • Physician directed rehabilitation services through regular visits by a Physiatrist
  • Rehab team leadership from a full-time skilled program manager
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Evidence-based treatment programs
  • Patient and/or family education
  • Discharge treatment and exercise plans
  • Appropriate home evaluation prior to discharge to ensure optimum safety and transition

Complex Medical Care

Working closely under the direction of, and in partnership with area attending physicians, our highly skilled nursing staff provides care and services that respond to the total well-being of each individual we serve.  Our nursing team members maintain a personal, individually tailored approach to treatment and care with immediate response to changing conditions as well as 24-hour care to meet all aspects of ongoing needs.

The Springs at Crystal Lake Rehabilitation Center provides a broad range of specialized nursing services and complex medical care including, but not limited to:

  • Skilled Nursing Care – nursing care provided 24 hours per day by Registered Nurses.
  • Medication Management – our professional nurses, RN’s and LPN’s, follow the highest quality of standards in administering medication as ordered by the physician.
  • Pain Management – our Pain Management Program includes assessment, intervention and educational components that address both acute and chronic pain to optimize pain relief in order to improve the patient’s quality of life.
  • Complex Wound Care/Management – our Wound Management Program is led by a vascular surgeon in collaboration with our full-time certified wound nurse who coordinates and manages the efforts of the wound care team.  We admit and treat decubitus ulcers ranging from Stage I to Stage IV as well as post surgical wounds, diabetic wounds, burn care, stasis ulcers, venous or arterial wounds and dermatological services.
  • Infusion Therapy – our 24-hour infusion program has been developed to meet the needs of most every patient.  Benefits of the program may include hydration to help restore body fluids, IV antibiotic administration, pain management drugs and nutritional support. 
  • TPN, G-Tube and J-Tubes – we accept admissions of patients on Total Parenteral Nutrition and with Gastrostomy and Jejunostomy Tubes for nutritional feedings, supplemental feedings and/or medications or for maintenance.
  • Respiratory Care – we provide a variety of respiratory care services under the direction of the physician and respiratory therapist. Services include oxygen therapy, respiratory (nebulizer) treatments, Pulse Oximetry monitoring and Tracheotomy care.

The Springs at Crystal Lake is dedicated to excellence. We promote the emotional health and physical well-being of our residents recovering from illness, hospitalizations, or even changes in medication. Our success is measured when we restore our residents, as quickly as possible, to their highest level of confidence, ability and independence.

For more information, make a referral or to schedule a personalized tour,
please call us at 815-477-6400.